Animal repellent

Question: Animal repellent

Good morning,
to prevent cats from using the earth in pots when they want to pee, sprinkle some pepper.
I even have a dog and to "move" them I thought of sprinkling balls and pepper powder in my 800 square meter garden so that they don't get dirty in the most beautiful area.
Do I have a rustic / sports lawn perennial ryegrass and can't the pepper damage them?
At least pepper is not a chemical, but natural ...
I await your kind reply.

Animal repellent: Answer: Animal repellent

Dear Lorenzo,
Thank you for contacting us about the rustic lawn through the Expert's address book.
Regarding your question about the harmfulness of pepper on your rustic lawn, we are sorry but we have no specific indications regarding its harmfulness, certainly as it is a natural element it should not cause any damage, but since some spices on plants may have herbicidal or inhibitors we believe that even pepper if given in large doses could give problems. Since you have a beautiful garden, it is certainly very important
Yours sincerely.