The montana is a rose with large, full flowers, resistant to all temperatures and a brilliant red-Swiss color. The foliage appears healthy and quite abundant. The compact growth and uninterrupted flowering, even with the coldest temperatures, make this variety one of the most appreciated and loved to be grown in the floribunde genus.

Montana: Cultivation

To best cultivate our Montana rose, it is necessary to know its cultivation needs. This variety prefers a sunny exposure and a moderate and well-drained soil. It is a fast-growing plant, much loved by small insects such as bees and butterflies thanks to the scent that flowers give off. The flowering period is from June to September, a season in which it is possible to enjoy the beauty of this rose garden to the fullest. The rose mountain is ideal for city gardens, urban green spaces and English-style gardens. As far as treatment is concerned, it is important to supply water regularly to the plant, especially during periods of drought. Pruning should be done once a year, in the spring.