Cultivation of perennial grasses

Cultivation of perennial grasses:

The perennial herbaceous plants are in general species of easy cultivation, often with ground cover development; during the winter months they tend to dry out the aerial part, while in spring they grow luxuriantly, growing from year to year. Most perennials prefer sunny locations, with fresh and rich soil, not too dry. These are generally rustic species, which do not require great care. Poniamole to dwelling taking care to work well the soil, enriching it with mature organic fertilizer and digging it in depth. Once the soil is prepared, place our plants, distancing them at least 15-20 cm from each other; we remember that with time they will tend to expand, covering all the available space. In autumn or early spring we can propagate our perennials with great ease: it is sufficient to uproot the roots and, using a sharp knife or pruning shears, make some portions from the head, taking care to keep some roots well developed for each portion practiced. The new plants thus obtained must be immediately placed at home, carefully watering the soil. In general, this type of operation, in addition to supplying new plants every year, also benefits the development of old and long-standing plants.